Soyabean Flour

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: 1000 KG
: India
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Soya flour is made from whole soybeans that have been roasted and ground. Soys\a is a stable food of great nutritional value. Soyabean flour contains high protein and is usually mixed in with whole grain flours in many recipes. Use soyabean flour in home cooking for a delicious, to get a little more soya in the diet. A small amount of soya flour is often added to commercially prepare baked goods because it makes a moist, tender product with long shelf life, Soyabean flour is useful for the taste, texture, or appearance.

Soyabean flour helps in protecting the heart against oxidation. The nutritional value of soyabean flour serves as an excellent source of fatty acids, magnesium, fiber, folate (folic acid), iron, calcium, lecithin, thiamin and riboflavin.

Soyabean flour is also an excellent source of protein and includes isoflavones that reduces the risk of developing certain cancers.

The soyabean flour also helps in lowering cholesterol level. We offer soya beans flour pure, fresh and hygienic which contains essential nutrients for strong and healthy growth of your family.